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_Fin stamping machine

_Fin stamping machine
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   Thanks a lot for your purchasing  the products of Suzhou Fujiede Intelligent Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd..  Here you can have a perfect quality cutting-edge products, quality and efficient work efficiency, sincere and true, dedicated professional services. Suzhou Fujiede rely on its own extraordinary strength in the industry has set its own good brand image, won the trust of customers and recognition. Because we are professional, so you can trust! In order to protect your legal rights, from your worries, Suzhou Fujiede Intelligent Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. Suzhou Fu to you to make the following Jed standard service commitment, and so provide you when you need it:

    ★ Pre-sale services: to provide technical services and full range of professional services in user consultation. Analysis of user requirements, design basis, process requirements, product technical requirements to help users selection of equipment, detailing the company's products performance, technical parameters and other issues, according to your needs to provide relevant technical information and design plans, design the most products suitable for users of production technology program.

    ★ service: professional service team, develop professionally skilled, hardworking, diligent fine tradition of service in the service of notice to user needs 24-48 hours to send personnel to the scene to fulfill warranty obligations or emergency repair work, make Conclusion maintenance, real solution for users to worry about. The company's products, starting from installation commissioning date of acceptance within one year (inclusive), the company offers a free service. After the warranty expires will provide lifelong service system. Establish and improve the user files to prepare for after-sale tracking service. When customers purchase the company with the user do a good job after-sale tracking service, the preparation and establishment of the unit of purchase, details of the use of units of (name, address, phone, zip code, contacts, etc.) and stored in the computer, in order to keep track of services on a regular basis new and old customers visit, to keep the user's situation, guide the user equipment maintenance, product updates, the function improved professional consulting services.

    ★ About customers: we will never respected customer first, customers first, the customer is the purpose of our work, the customer is entitled to receive dedicated service to customers are thinking, be anxious customers urgency. The company will be happy for you to do pre-sales, after-sales service work, make sure that you buy the rest assured that with the Heart.

    Contact: Mr. Chen  +86-13912654418  Tel/Fax: +86-512-50358208

Contact: Mr. Chen +86-13912654418 Tel: +86-512-57352112 E-mail: fjd@fujiede.com  1666857698@qq.com
Address: No. 88, Rose Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China
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